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Online + Residential week
Online + Residential week
starting from 1700 €

250 hrs Teacher Training Course

We offer two possibilities to train with us: - either in a hybrid format (online + in person) for a "250 hrs Teacher Training Program" - fully online for an "Online 200 hrs Teacher Training Program" Our 250 hrs Teacher Training Program is a thorough...

2021 program

300hrs Advanced Training

  Our 300 hrs program is an in-depth, transforming teacher training laid out in different modules, that can be completed in up to 3 years. This course builds up and deepens the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of teaching yoga that are generally taught...

Online Course
starting fro 490 euro

Intelligenza Somatica (50 ore)

Anatomia funzionale e Arte di Istruire il Vinyasa Corso Online in Italiano

Online course starting from 490 euro (early bird price)

Awakening Somatic Intelligence

Functional Anatomy applied to yoga poses (80 CEUs) Online format “Awakening Somatic Intelligence” is our self-paced virtual training module focused on Functional Applied Anatomy, Art of Vinyasa Instruction and Somatics. If you are already a registered yoga teacher (RYT), you will be eligible for 80...

coming soon
400 euro (only course)

Sup Yoga Teacher Training (30 CEUs)

This course is open to yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts. Registered Yoga Teachers will be eligible for 30 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.  We are excited to offer the first SUP Yoga Teacher Training at the Stagnone Lagoon, a stunning Natural Reserve with shallow...

July 9-17, 2021
800 euro (only course)

Art of Hands-on Assisting (70 CEUs)

Dates: July 9-17, 2021

August 20-28, 2021
starting from 800 euro (only course)

Living Yoga (60 hrs)

Sharing Transformative Yoga Philosophy in Your Classes (60 CEUs) Our "Living Yoga" Teacher Training is part of the 300 HRS Advanced Teacher Training course with Prema Vinyasa Yoga. This module is held in a 60 hours in person module. During the 60 HRS residential retreat,...

September 10-18,2021
800 euro (only course)

Yoga Alchemy (80 CEUs)

Sequencing and Mandala Flow The focus of the Yoga Alchemy Teacher Training is on sequencing intelligent vinyasa flow classes. If you feel stuck with the same Sun Salutation and wish to fill your creativity bucket, this course is for you! In this teacher training you...

550 euro


Experience this online yoga teacher training course that is designed for yoga teachers who are ready to take the next step in their teaching career by broadening their experience and offering to include the balancing gift of Yin yoga. It is also suitable for enthusiastic...


“Yoga Alchemy” 40 ore

L'arte di sequenziare il il Bhakti Prema Vinyasa, Corso Online Contenuti del corso Questo corso è un approfondimento su come pianificare e condurre lezioni di Vinyasa flow che siano trasformative, profonde, anatomicamente sicure ed efficaci.  È pensato per chi già insegna ma si sente bloccato...

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Join our Summer 2021 Event

Sicily Summer 2021

Ameriga will be teaching 3 Immersions/Teacher Trainings in Sicily, in a new Yoga Shala by the Stagnone Lagoon (Marsala). You can come over just for the two daily practices (in the morning Prema Vinyasa Yoga and in the afternoon for her signature Specialty Workshops (inversions,...

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Prema Vinyasa Yoga is a path for transformation that uses ancient and modern tools of self-reflection.

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Come and read some reflections about our yogi life!

Connection & Quantum Physics

A few days ago I taught my last class at Floripa. Some students asked me to stream it on Zoom, because they wanted to be part of it, but my gut feelings told me that I wanted to be 100% present just with the people...

Yoga Philosophy in a nutshell: it’s actually NOT a philosophy.

I remember walking out of my first yoga class, more or less 10 years ago, and feeling different, like this was not my regular workout. And mind you, it was a total workout because that yoga class was a Bikram class- so quite a hard...

“All problems are illusions of the mind” (E.Tolle)

When I leave Italy for a while and come back, I can’t help but notice the ability of people to nourish dramas in their lives in a way or another. And in covid’s year this tendency is exacerbated by the distress of the past months....

Truth Bomb

We act out of habits (brain scans suggest that we are conscious only 5% of our day!), and our emotional responses to events are also habitual. Patanjali knew about this and spoke about it in the Sutras too (see for example sutras 4.8 to 4.11)....

What is “discounting” ?

When we feel powerless and act as though we have no choice and no way ahead, we are in fact “discounting” some information that actually contains the solution. It’s a way of (often unconsciously) justifying that we are stuck- it’s a story we make up...

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