“All problems are illusions of the mind” (E.Tolle)

“All problems are illusions of the mind” (E.Tolle)

When I leave Italy for a while and come back, I can’t help but notice the ability of people to nourish dramas in their lives in a way or another. And in covid’s year this tendency is exacerbated by the distress of the past months.

A while back I read Eckart Tolle’s book “the Power of Now”, and there is a section on this that is so powerful- I thought I need to share it in case you haven’t read that very insightful book yet.

Problems are mind-made. A situation that needs to be either dealt with or accepted- yes.

Why make it into a problem? Why make anything into a problem? Isn’t life challenging enough as it is?

The mind unconsciously loves problems because they give you an identity of sorts.

“Problems” means that you are dwelling on a situation mentally without there being a true intention of taking action.

When you create a problem you create pain. All it takes is a simple choice, a simple decision:

No matter what happens I will create no more pain for myself.

“Pain is natural, suffering is optional”

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