300 hrs Modules

Our 300 hrs program is an in-depth, transforming teacher training laid out in different modules, that can be completed in up to 3 years.

This course builds up and deepens the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of teaching yoga that are generally taught at the 200-hour level. This 300-hour advanced training will prepare you to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and/or subtler.

As per Yoga Alliance requirements, the training covers the following categories:

  • Techniques, Training and Practice Pranayama, asanas and kriyas
  • Teaching Methodology Sequencing
  • Use of Cues and Verbal instructions
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle
  • Practicum

300 hrs Teacher Training Modules

Three of these modules are required, for a total of 225 hours, while the rest of the curriculum can be built choosing among the optative courses, to reach a total of 270 contact hours, as per Yoga Alliance requirements. The remaining 30 hours are collected submitting the homework for the required modules.

Required modules:

  1. “Living Yoga” : History and Philosophy with Daniela Bevilacqua (80 CEUs).
  2. “Awakening Somatic Intelligence”: Applied Anatomy, Somatics and Art of Instructing Vinyasa Flow. (40 CEUs)
  3. “Yoga Alchemy”: Sequencing and Mandala Flow (80 CEUs).

Elective modules :

4. The Art of Hands on Assists (70 hrs)
5. Online Coaching & Marketing with Teresa Budetta (30 CEUs)
6. Online Yin Yoga (40 CEUs)



Schedule may vary slightly depending on the location of the training and time of the year.

8.00 – 10.00 Bhakti Prema Vinyasa Flow
11.00 – 12.30 Lecture
16.30 – 18.00 Practice Teaching, Bhakti, Svadhyaya
18.00 – 19.30 Specialty Workshop

Please note: on arrival day there is an opening circle, and on leaving day there is a closing circle. Please plan to reach the location of the training by 3 pm on the first day, and leave after 11 am on the last day.

Online Course
starting fro 490 euro

Intelligenza Somatica (50 ore)

Anatomia funzionale e Arte di Istruire il Vinyasa Corso Online in Italiano

Online course starting from 490 euro (early bird price)

Awakening Somatic Intelligence

Functional Anatomy applied to yoga poses (80 CEUs) Online format “Awakening Somatic Intelligence” is our self-paced virtual training module focused on Functional Applied Anatomy, Art of Vinyasa Instruction and Somatics. If you are already a registered yoga teacher (RYT), you will be eligible for 80...

coming soon
400 euro (only course)

Sup Yoga Teacher Training (30 CEUs)

This course is open to yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts. Registered Yoga Teachers will be eligible for 30 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.  We are excited to offer the first SUP Yoga Teacher Training at the Stagnone Lagoon, a stunning Natural Reserve with shallow...

July 9-17, 2021
800 euro (only course)

Art of Hands-on Assisting (70 CEUs)

Dates: July 9-17, 2021

August 20-28, 2021
starting from 800 euro (only course)

Living Yoga (60 hrs)

Sharing Transformative Yoga Philosophy in Your Classes (60 CEUs) Our "Living Yoga" Teacher Training is part of the 300 HRS Advanced Teacher Training course with Prema Vinyasa Yoga. This module is held in a 60 hours in person module. During the 60 HRS residential retreat,...

September 10-18,2021
800 euro (only course)

Yoga Alchemy (80 CEUs)

Sequencing and Mandala Flow The focus of the Yoga Alchemy Teacher Training is on sequencing intelligent vinyasa flow classes. If you feel stuck with the same Sun Salutation and wish to fill your creativity bucket, this course is for you! In this teacher training you...

550 euro


Experience this online yoga teacher training course that is designed for yoga teachers who are ready to take the next step in their teaching career by broadening their experience and offering to include the balancing gift of Yin yoga. It is also suitable for enthusiastic...


“Yoga Alchemy” 40 ore

L'arte di sequenziare il il Bhakti Prema Vinyasa, Corso Online Contenuti del corso Questo corso è un approfondimento su come pianificare e condurre lezioni di Vinyasa flow che siano trasformative, profonde, anatomicamente sicure ed efficaci.  È pensato per chi già insegna ma si sente bloccato...

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