Truth Bomb

Truth Bomb

We act out of habits (brain scans suggest that we are conscious only 5% of our day!), and our emotional responses to events are also habitual.
Patanjali knew about this and spoke about it in the Sutras too (see for example sutras 4.8 to 4.11).

When something triggers us, our amigdala fires up and we react in fight-flight-freeze more.
As a result, we always have the same dramas in the interactions with others.

Even though after a few hours or a few days, we regret responding in that “emotional way”, in the moment that seemed to be the only possible way to respond.

How many times have you justified yourself saying:
“This is how I am”
“This is how I have always responded”
“I am living my emotions”.

We claim to be true to ourselves and authentic, and yet we are doing ourselves a huge disservice by not allowing change, growth and evolution to take place.

It feels super uncomfortable at the beginning.
Someone is done you wrong. You want to tell them off and any other response feels fake.

Fake it till you make it!
As the saying goes “First you make the habits, then the habits make you”.

Who is it that you want to be?
The resentful person who is incapable of letting go, jealous, controlling, anxious about the future (which might be the person you have been in your past and now you claim to be faithful to)


Someone who embraces shanti as a way of living, who wants others to blossom, who is giving, open, loving and conscious?

So respond to the triggers not as your amigdala wants you to, but from the wisdom stored in your prefrontal cortex (the part of our brain responsabile for our shantitude).

Act as the person you want to be, even if currently it might be different from the person you are.

Give yourself the gift of seeing the best version of yourself.

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